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Author visit to St Cecilia’s in Glen Iris to meet a young fan: I totally love my job

Posted: May 25 2015

What a delight it was to be invited to “pop in” to St Cecilia’s in Glen Iris last Monday, while Lucy Bilston from Miss Lloyd’s brilliant Grade 6 class gave an author presentation about me with special reference to my junior novel No Tears.

We started with Lucy interviewing me, then giving a state-of-the-art media presentation like a professional speaker and later Lucy and I fielded some excellent questions from the “audience” i.e. her classmates.

A wonderful presentation and so fantastic to be involved as Lucy’s live “show and tell”. Suggested to Miss Lloyd that Lucy get a 15 out of 10 for her presentation! LOL

Stayed for well over an hour as I enjoyed another presentation by one of the boys about different cuisines around the world and got to sample some of his excellent cooking along with Lucy and her classmates.

Thanks for a brilliant afternoon, Miss Lloyd and Grade 6A, St Cecilia’s. Enjoy the rest of your Grade 6 year, Lucy. I look forward to seeing you present current affairs on tv in the not too distant future!




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