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Who Cares?

  • Author

    Krista Bell
  • Illustrator

    Chapter headings by Damien Bell
  • Publisher

    Lothian Books edition not available; Kane Miller (USA) edition available
  • Distributor

    American edition available in Australia directly from Krista
  • Price

    $ Au15 American edition available directly from Krista or from American bookshops


A junior novel published by Lothian Books.

Toby is a young teenager who is staying in beachside Lorne with Rhys, a boy he doesn’t actually know. Their mothers went to university together and circumstances are such that it’s convenient for Toby to stay with Rhys and his mother for one week of the summer holidays.

Both boys are uncomfortable with the arrangements but for very different reasons. They are both hiding major secrets, which neither intends to share with the other. Rhys, who dreams of becoming a surfing champion, encourages Toby to overcome his fear of the surf and teaches him to ride a surfboard. By chance he discovers Toby’s secret – he’s a dancer.

Through a series of minor clues, Toby realises that there’s something weird going on with Rhys’s mum, but it is only by accident that he finally discovers the tragic situation with which Rhys has been dealing on his own.

During their week together the boys find that they unexpectedly relate to each other. The resulting friendship may be what each of them needs to tackle their individual challenges when they return home to Melbourne.

This novel for readers aged 10-15 is about keeping significant secrets, family loyalty, true friendship and the stultifying peer group disapproval still experienced by some young male dancers in Australia today.


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