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  • Author

    Krista Bell
  • Illustrator

    Kym Lardner
  • Price

    $ Out of print. No longer available.


JEZZA is a picture storybook about a dog that is adopted from the dog home by a family of football fanatics and reluctantly discovers that she has a talent for playing the game. It’s a story that looks at fitting in, being part of a family and a team player, and it’s still the only picture book about Australian Rules Football.

The story was based on my family dog, Jezzabel, who always loved playing football. She died in 2001 aged 16.

It’s illustrated by Kym Lardner, who’s from Adelaide. Published first in hardback in 1991 by Macmillian. Then again in 1991 in paperback as a Picturemac. In 1992, it was shortlisted for the Yabba Award in Victoria.

It was reprinted in paperback in 1996 by The Five Mile Press, and again in 1999, due to its popularity!

It is available from libraries only.


If you would like Krista to visit your school, to give talks or do some workshops, please contact her via email for pricing and availability.

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