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  • no-regrets_lge

    No Regrets

    Author Krista Bell

    A junior novel published by Lothian Books. Julia Wright is twelve and should be in Grade 6 at Mountain View Primary with her best friend Xanthe Briggs, who is worried about starting high school next year. Because Julia is ‘gifted and talented’ she has been accelerated two years and is in Year 8 at Malvern […]

  • no-strings_front_lge

    No Strings

    Author Krista Bell, Illustrator Chapter headings by Damien Bell

    This junior novel is aimed at readers aged 10-14 and was published by Lothian Books. Felix Bartlett is thirteen and an accelerated student but will he ever be a world-class saxophonist? And will a tempting musical opportunity back home mean he can’t go to China with the Stage Band after all? Felix is totally confused […]

  • no-tears-lge

    No Tears

    Author Krista Bell, Illustrator Chapter headings by Damien Bell

    No Tears is a junior novel for 10-14 year old readers. It was published by Lothian Books. Xanthe’s dreams of winning a medal at the National diving championships are in doubt. Will injury stop her competing in Perth? Is her diving career over for good? Diving has been Xanthe’s life, but is it time to […]

  • getalife_lge

    Get a Life

    Author Krista Bell

    A junior novel published by Lothian Books. Conor Burgess is selected to row in the year 9 quad at Heyington College and his father immediately concludes that Conor will win the Junior Head of the River – and eventually the Head of the River. Dad turns up at training the first morning, riding his push […]

  • thats-the-trick_sml

    That’s The Trick

    Author Krista Bell, Illustrator Sarah Dunk

    THAT’S THE TRICK (commonly confused homophones) illustrated by Sarah Dunk and published by Lothian Books. This fun book for readers of all ages will help sort out the differences between homophones: words that sound the same, are often spelt differently and have completely different meanings. Knowing how to spell a word that is a homophone […]

  • thatsourhenry_lge

    That’s Our Henry

    Author Krista Bell

    An educational title – a small book in a series of books for emergent readers by Era called Magic Bean. Based on the fact that the youngest of my three sons, Henry, seemed to have some unusual interests and talents, like tap dancing, this story was meant to convey a confidence in yourself, so as […]

  • thekindestfamily_lge

    The Kindest Family

    Author Krista Bell

    A picture book retelling of a Vietnamese folktale. First published in the PM+ series from Nelson Thomson Learning in 2001 and still my best seller all these years later. Available in 2013 as a play script from Cengage Learning.

  • rory_lge

    Rory’s Big Chance

    Author Krista Bell

    A first chapter book about a boy who wants to be in an ad on television, based on my son Henry who began working on tv as a four-year-old. First published in the PM+ series from Nelson Thomson Learning in 2002, it continues to be a strong seller. Available as a play script in 2013 […]

  • cliffhangers_lge

    Double or Nothing – Short Story

    Author Krista Bell

    Short story in ‘Cliffhangers’ in the Thrillogy series.   Published by Longman: Pearson Education.

  • sniffy-cover_sml

    Sniffy The Sniffer Dog

    Author Krista Bell, Illustrator Craig Smith

    First published as a Start Up by Lothian Books it was reprinted by Fibtion Unlimited. A first chapter book illustrated by Craig Smith. When Sniffy gets thrown out of sniffer dog school, no one understands why he is such a failure. It’s because his stomach controls his nose! But when he goes to live with […]


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