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  • Author

    Krista Bell
  • Illustrator

    Sally Rippin
  • Publisher

    Windy Hollow Books
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    $ 24.95 H/B


A picture book for young readers of 3+ PEEKING DUCKS with illustrations by the wonderful Sally Rippin is published Windy Hollow Books.

Set on a river in China this is a cautionary tale with three little ducks discovering the hard way that their parents do in fact have important lessons to pass on to them. It also introduces young readers to many cultural aspects of life in China.

Read how Peeking Ducks has been gifted to Shanghai Library by Krista in May 2010


  • Reviewed by Hazel Edwards (2009 Nanjing International Cultural Exchange Center author)
    No, it's not a typo in the title. It's actually a clever use of the 'peeking' theme of curious ducklings, who like children, risk visiting new places. On this Li river, these adventurous ducks are Chinese, but they are 'peeking' not Peking ducks. Sally Rippin's artwork conveys the movement of the ducks as they play hide- and- seek, upstream. Even the endpapers are suitably watery. The flow of the artwork is a strength of this beautifully produced picture book, suitable for 3 year olds upwards, and those collectors of Chinese stories. Good use of dialogue to distinguish the duck characters with their Chinese names, but also for parents reading aloud. There's a definite rhythm to the story. Recently author Krista researched in China, and it shows in the local examples of the duck farmers' nests, roped fishing birds, water buffalo and hawkers. Illustrator Sally also worked for three years in China. Highly recommended as a useful resource for a study of China, but also a gentle cautionary tale with three little ducks discovering the real world.


If you would like Krista to visit your school, to give talks or do some workshops, please contact her via email for pricing and availability.

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