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No Regrets

  • Author

    Krista Bell
  • Publisher

    Lothian Books
  • Distributor

    At school and local libraries around Australia.
  • Price

    $ Out of print. No longer available.


A junior novel published by Lothian Books.

Julia Wright is twelve and should be in Grade 6 at Mountain View Primary with her best friend Xanthe Briggs, who is worried about starting high school next year. Because Julia is ‘gifted and talented’ she has been accelerated two years and is in Year 8 at Malvern College. Ellen Hartley and Tahnee Fabris from ‘Read My Mind!’ are in her homeroom.

Academically Julia thrives in Year 8, but socially she is isolated, many of her classmates finding her both immature and a pain. ‘Little Miss Right’ frequently shares her diverse knowledge, not realising its negative impact. Every day at school she struggles with the verbal bullying that is the consequence of her not fitting in with her classmates.

Apart from enjoying academic success, Julia excels in art and music, her two major loves. In Hobart for a music festival, Julia is surprised when she inadvertently exposes a heart-wrenching secret and makes a new friend. Then an hilarious chance meeting with a boy named Felix gives Julia the courage to follow her dreams. When there is a catastrophe at home, Julia’s trip is cut short and her chance to perform in the prestigious Festival seems doomed.

This a is novel for 10-15 year olds about friendship, being ‘gifted and talented’, moving to secondary school, not fitting in, bullying, family ties, believing in your own talents, and following your heart.


If you would like Krista to visit your school, to give talks or do some workshops, please contact her via email for pricing and availability.

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