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No Tears

  • Author

    Krista Bell
  • Illustrator

    Chapter headings by Damien Bell
  • Publisher

    Lothian Books
  • Distributor

    Only from Krista
  • Price

    $ 15 available directly from Krista


No Tears is a junior novel for 10-14 year old readers. It was published by Lothian Books.

Xanthe’s dreams of winning a medal at the National diving championships are in doubt. Will injury stop her competing in Perth? Is her diving career over for good? Diving has been Xanthe’s life, but is it time to pursue her singing talents? And will new friends like the young Japanese diver Hiroko and the gorgeous Felix Bartlett threaten Xanthe’s relationship with her best friend Julia?

Packed with diving and singing competition action, No Tears is the story of a young girl’s struggle to cope with life’s unexpected challenges, to hold on to what truly matters, and to achieve her dreams.


If you would like Krista to visit your school, to give talks or do some workshops, please contact her via email for pricing and availability.

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