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Dear Krista, (via email)

Thought you might like to know that we have just read the first page of your delightful book (BURNING THE BAILS) to our 4 week old grandson Henry (via Skype)! Thanks for the special inscription to him. He liked it! He was lying on his Dad’s chest “watching” the 20-20 match on TV, well at least it looked something like that!

Thank you Krista for inviting us to the event. The four of us all thoroughly enjoyed the morning. David Studham, Louise Clarke Morris and yourself spoke eloquently and the background stories to the evolution of the book were fascinating. Congratulations on a first class book – one that will be treasured in our household.

There was such a warmth of feeling in the MCC Library; you could tell that everyone present sensed they were witnessing something special. We wish you every success with the book and predict that “Burning the Bails” will become an iconic title.

Yvonne, Melbourne

What a great cover!

What a great cover!

‘Krista, your talk was really inspiring. I absolutely love your books and the way you take little bits of true things and turn them into an idea for your story – as you said FIBTION. You are really funny and interesting.’

Nikki Year 7 student.

‘Krista related well to the students. I liked the way she introduced her family through photos and explained how ordinary events can become interesting stories. Krista’s sense of humour was very appealing. Invite Krista back again!’
Julie, Year 5 teacher.

‘Krista, thank you for helping me write my story – it’s my best yet!’
Charley, Grade 4 student.



This very long and very in-depth book report was written by a Grade 5 girl from MLC in Hawthorn, Victoria in 2013 and blew me away with its positive feedback. I was thrilled to receive it by snail mail and to then meet her in person at her school. Thanks Tori.


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